Other Committees - Commissions

Lititz Sewer Authority - The Sewer Authority was established for the purpose of constructing, improving, maintaining, operating, owning or leasing sewers, sewer systems or parts thereof, and sewage treatment works
Health and Sanitation Advisory Committee - The Health and Sanitation Advisory Commission was established to review all ordinances, resolutions and laws relating to health and sanitation, to determine the best means of enforcement in conjunction with State Board of Health, Health Officer, and Borough Officers, and to investigate reports of violation
Civil Service Commission - The Civil Service Commission was established for the examination of applicants for positions in the Police Force
Flood Control Committee - The Flood Control Committee was established to perform periodic inspections of flood areas and existing storm sewers and recommend projects for flood control and storm water management
Park Committee - The Park Committee was established to make recommendations for developing new Borough parks, for maintaining current Borough parks and equipment, and for developing park resources for effective pleasure and recreational use
Shade Tree Commission - The Shade Tree Commission was established to have exclusive custody and control of the shade trees in the Borough; to plant, remove, maintain, and protect shade trees of the public rights-of-way in the Borough.
Rail Trail Committee