Curbside Leaf Collection

THE LAST DAY TO PUT LEAVES, CURBSIDE, FOR COLLECTION WILL BE SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2018.  Public Works will not, necessarily, follow the regular pick up schedule the following week, but any leaves that are out, by this date, will be picked up.

Effective Monday, October 15, 2018 The Borough of Lititz Public Works Department is collecting leaves from along all Borough Streets, weather permitting, utilizing the following schedule  PLEASE HAVE CARS PARKED OFF STREET ON YOUR SCHEDULED DAY; RAKE LEAVES INTO WIND ROWS; KEEP LEAVES ABOUT 6" AWAY FROM CURB. 

Please see the collection map to find your pick-up day.


Please DO NOT place branches, sticks, twigs, yard clippings, grass or any kind of mulch in the leaf piles (please make sure there are no cement blocks, stone, wood, or any other foreign items inside the leaf piles).  DO NOT USE LAWN MOWERS OR MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT SUCH AS VACUUMS, BILLY GOATS, ETC. TO PICK UP LEAVES AND GRASS.  IF THESE MACHINES ARE USED TO PICK LEAVES, THE LEAVES MUST BE PUT INTO KRAFT BAGS AND PLACED CURBSIDE FOR TRASH PICK UP.  Our equipment is designed to suck leaves into a hose similar to a large vacuum cleaner, and branches, grass and mulch tend to clog the machine.

Leave collection equipment cannot pick up leaves at curbs where trees or parked automobiles interfere.  YOUR COOPERATION IS APPRECIATED.