Street Sweeping Schedule

Effective Monday, May 7th, 2018; the Borough of Lititz Public Works Department will start our townwide street sweeping program.  The following areas will be swept, weather and equipment permitting:

  • MONDAY:  Areas bound by the west side of North and South Broad Street May 7th/ June 4th / July 9th / August 6th
  • TUESDAY:  Areas bound by the East Side of South Broad Street and the South Side of East Main Street.  May 8th / June 5th / July 10th / August 7th
  • WEDNESDAY:  Areas bound by the East Side of North Broad Street and the North Side of East Main Street.  May 9th / June 6th / July 11th/ August 8th
  • THURSDAY & FRIDAY:  As required due to weather and/or equipment problems

Residents are requested, if possible, to have their vehicles removed from the street, during your day of sweeping.  We ask for your support and help in keeping our town beautiful.